What is Beep-it?

In short, it's a simple electronic musical instrument that responds to light. Beep-it is an analog optical theremin. By casting shadows over Beep-it or waving it around near a light source, one can generate a wide range of pitches. Careful manipulation can invoke a wide range of unique sounds. Interesting rhythmic effects can be achieved by using a flashing light to modulate the sound.

How was the product developed/conceived?

A crude version of Beep-It was hand-built by Unatronics founder Michael Una, as a gift for his nephew’s birthday several years ago. He then built more of the devices, at first encasing them in pietri dishes. He has sold several hundred through direct sales online and in musical instrument boutiques around the world.

Are you priced competitively?

We feel that with our price point we are tapping an under-served market with few competitors. There are very few electronic musical instruments under $50.

Who is the target customer for this product?

We think of Beep-It primarily as an experimental analog musical instrument and noisemaker. However, we feel it can also serve toy, science, art and novelty markets.

We also target professional and amateur musicians working in experimental, hip-hop, electronic, sample-heavy, and indie rock genres. It is easy to use, and powerful enough to appeal to any musician to use in a live set or recording or sampling session.

What is my cost of the product?

Beep-It wholesale price is $25 per unit

What is the target sell price of the product?

Suggested retail price of $40

What other retailers are selling your product?

Beep-it is currently sold in a handful of boutique retailers around the world. Some are focused on musical instruments and others have a more broad focus on fashion, lifestyle, or novelty items.

What are your lead times to produce and ship the product?

We have a good backstock of units, but for large orders (200+ units) one month lead time is preferred.

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